Our Mission

At Lean Campaign Strategies (LCS), our mission is to optimize customer value while minimizing waste. The Lean philosophy is central to our mission—it aims to cut waste, constantly improve on efficiency of processes, and deliver the most value to the customer with fewer resources.

Simply put—LCS works every day to cut waste and deliver the most effective and efficient services to our clients. Through numerous campaigns and election cycles, LCS has come to appreciate the necessity of running an efficient campaign that reduces wasted resources (time of candidate and staff, and financial investments), which can determine the success or failure of a candidacy.


What is LEAN?

Lean is a philosophy that has been relied upon for years in the private sector and it has even been implemented in some levels of the government. Lean works to cut waste, constantly improve on efficiency of processes, and empower workers at every level to identify ways to reduce excess. The Lean philosophy has saved businesses and the government millions of dollars.

Lean focuses on delivering the greatest value to the customer while using the least amount of resources. Here at LCS, our goal is to utilize the resources of a campaign as efficiently as possible in order to reach the precise voters that are required to win.


Campaign Solutions

Lean Campaign Strategies (LCS) has guided candidates through federal and state legislative races. We have advised candidates during their successful races for open seats, primaries, and challenger campaigns.

LCS is here for first-time candidates and veterans who want to focus on winning votes, and need to know they can leave the overall direction and implementation of the campaign to a trusted, proven, and professional team.

LCS provides overall strategy and guidance and works closely with on the ground campaign staff and professional consultants to ensure smooth operations of the campaign.

LCS offers overall guidance and strategy on:

·      Overseeing the development and implementation of a campaign plan Including:

                                o   Finance Plan

o   Earned Media Plan

o   Paid Media Plan

o   Digital Outreach

o   Overall Messaging

o   Polling/Surveys

o   Campaign Staff and Job Descriptions

o   Field Operations

LCS maintains responsibility for the overall direction of the campaign on a weekly basis, staying in constant contact with the candidate and the campaign staff.

Contact: For further inquiries into our services or if you would like to set up a meeting regarding your campaign please email: